5 June 2019

Burning Sun

The real nature of K-pop was revealed a few months ago in a far-reaching scandal that connected rape drugs, prostitutes, and revenge porn with some of the most important figures in the K-pop industry.

It all started, basically, at Burning Sun, a nightclub in Gangnam. Last November, a guy who went to the club saw a girl he thought had been drugged, and he tried helping but nighclub security assaulted him. Police were called, and they took the side of the nightclub.

After this came to light in the news a few months later, it was revealed that women were systematically drugged there, and VIPs were able to rape them. There was also talk of drug trade and actual prostitution (with willing, conscious participants). One of the co-owners of the club was also a member of the K-pop boy band Big Bang.

The owners tried to remove evidence, and police shut the club down as part of their investigation. So I figured I'd pop by and see how it looks now. The club was locked up, but it was still interesting to see the front entrance.

4 June 2019


On our second day on Jeju we went to the Osulloc Tea Plantation, Sanbangsan, and a Jeju Massacre grave site, before returning to Jeju City and meeting up with a couple of my friends there.

3 June 2019


We went to Jeju finally, only a couple months after I went there with my sister. The weather was nicer, and we visited some familiar sites but without Tyler's help we took different routes around the island which was interesting.

2 June 2019

Gwang-hee in Gwanghee-dong

My parents met my friend Gwang-hee on a previous visit, either in 2012 or 2009. She helped us get a hotel, and met up with them a few times on future visits. She let them use her English name, but this time after having spent a year in Australia recently, she wanted them to know her Korean name. Which happened to be the same as the neighbourhood we met in. Not that that helped.

1 June 2019

RASKB Garden Party

My parents scheduled their visit around this year's Garden Party. Last year I think we had the highest attendance ever, but this year went well too, as we had milder weather than I can remember. It was unfortunately on the same day as the Seoul Queer Culture Festival, and once again there were a lot of angry protesters across the street from them.

I was completely surprised by the ambassador, who was gracious with a mild personality. He let us stay longer than Garden Parties usually run, and was a good sport the whole way through. I mentioned how the SQCF was happening at the same time, and he emphasised to me how much he supports that, even at one point running inside to print off an article on that topic (this one). It was our fault he missed this year's event.

31 May 2019

Enemy House

A year earlier or even before, one of my friends who lives near me in Huam-dong told me about this abandoned house near his home. It was Japanese-style, and he used to see the elderly resident sometimes, but she disappeared a few years ago. I had a look, but there were two gates and I figured the only way in would be to set up a ladder on the retaining wall.

Then he started giving me updates that workers were coming by and preparing for demolition. On this morning, he walked in and asked permission, and they had no problem with him being there. When I showed up, they were gone, but they'd done enough work on the gates that I was able to climb in using construction bars.

It was quickly apparent how beautiful this house was, as well as how many interesting objects and documents had been left behind. Doing more research into this house has been one of the things keeping me too busy to update this site, and you'll learn a lot more about it sometime in a few months.

25 May 2019

HBC Fest

My parents were staying in Haebangchon, and I happened to notice it was the same time as HBC Fest. So my dad signed up to do a set. They had him play early in Workshop, which was a little too loud for him. After, we wandered around and saw several of the other acts.

21 May 2019

Donuimun Museum Village

I led an RASKB visit to Donuimun Museum Village, which devolved into us socialising with the various artists who had been given residence in the area.

18 May 2019


While visiting Namdaemun, we went up on Seoullo 7017 which gave us a good view of a far-right protest. Yep, their princess is still in jail.

17 May 2019

Undisclosed Location

We went to a place where you can see Manchocheon aboveground. We also stuck around for an American-style buffet and bar.

17 May 2019


We went to Insadong for shopping and random wandering. This encounter with the Simpsons reminded me of when they visited Korea in the actual show a few months earlier.

16 May 2019

Parents Visit

My parents arrived for a month-long visit, and on our first night we went out for dakgalbi followed by live jazz in Huam Market.

12 May 2019

Wasteupso Pop-Up

I stopped by a pop-up shop offered by Wasteupso, a zero-waste grocery shop working on establishing itself, for an article.

5 May 2019

More Gwangju

After we left the mansion, we went to a nearby abandoned neighbourhood. It's the same place they brought me last time, but a lot has been demolished and Isaiah's found a lot more since then too. We had a look at a few places that still had some abandoned art. After that, I got back to the train station and went back up to Seoul.

5 May 2019

Choi Buja Jib

Our main goal in Gwangju was to visit Rich Man Choi's house, a phenomenal two-storey hanok, and meet its owner. I haven't written about it yet but Isaiah's article is out.

5 May 2019


I returned to Gwangju for another adventure with friends down there. I showed up the night before and discovered that, unlike previous visits, there were barely any hotels or motels with rooms available. I had a few drinks, then found a place late at night. Next day I woke up and accidentally found a couple abandoned buildings on my way to meeting everyone.

3 May 2019


After the abandoned neighbourhood, I stopped by a site I remembered from my first year in Korea. I used to teach an English class to two adult women in this thatch-roofed house. It's still there, preserved among a much more modern cityscape, even moreso than I remembered from before. No sign of people though.

3 May 2019

Abandoned Suwon

Our goal was to visit this abandoned neighbourhood and record some of this video there. What we ended up seeing was a lot crazier than I had expected. It was a Saturday and there were still a lot of workers there who on some level wouldn't want us there, and as our contact became closer we were eventually escorted out.

3 May 2019

Reaching Suwon

I finally got to Suwon, but ended up taking a detour through the northern part where I used to live. A lot of it is how I remember it, but now I find my perspective on Korean urbanism has changed greatly. Although the land here is mostly flat, I found there was a great contrast between upper ground which was mostly highrise complexes, and lower ground which included a great deal of wastelands. I also got a surprise when I saw the murals in a tunnel near my former home, creating a surprising link with my early life in Korea with much more recent developments.

3 May 2019

Trip to Suwon

I had to drive down to Suwon to meet a friend. On the way, I was hoping to scout a few locations I hadn't seen in years. I found a few of them long gone, but on the way I also found a couple new sites I hadn't known about before.

1 May 2019

Seoul Hall of Urbanism and Architecture

I stopped by this new museum space in front of Deoksugung one morning before work. There's not that much to say about it yet, and I found it a bit sparse despite all the room inside. Quite a lot was dedicated to other cities I don't know much about.

28 April 2019

RASKB Tour of Changshin-dong

I joined Robert Fouser on his RASKB tour of Changshin-dong area. There were some opportunities for some of us to do some trespassing on the side.

27 April 2019

Driving Around Yongsan

I had a number of sites I wanted to visit and check up on. By "around Yongsan," I mean within and outside, as this took me as far as south of the river. I got a good look at some places I'd been thinking about for a while, and some updates on places I'd been meaning to watch more closely.

21 April 2019

More Namsan

I've been doing some research on the course of the stream where we go every Christmas, and part of that research took me up onto Namsan to look around some springs and streambeds, as well as miscellaneous other more blatantly manmade facilities.

This was for my article in the RASKB journal Transactions, which will be released at the Garden Party on June 1 this year.

21 April 2019

Pumping Station

I jumped up on a roof in Munbae-dong, a weird little dong shaped like a ginkgo leaf that seems to be heavily defined by the stream as well as train tracks. All there is here basically is a small shanty town and a pumping station.

21 April 2019

Dangerous Signs

This small intersection seemed dangerous. Looking at the picture included here, you can see a traffic light is hidden between a police station sign and the extra stimulus of a flashing coloured sign, which is between the road and the traffic lights. I submitted a report to a government website and they answered, though I don't expect any changes. I'll just continue to be hyperaware whenever I drive on this street, and try not to think about other potential accidents.

20 April 2019


Up on Namsan, I walked around a park that has a natural-looking fountain filled with water. Presumably this water all runs downhill and ends up in the tunnel.

20 April 2019

Other Stuff

While I wasn't scouting the stream, I also visited a fake police station and a couple more redevelopment zones.

20 April 2019

Yeomcheon Bridge

I went up on top of my work building to get an overhead view of Yeomcheon Bridge, which used to at one point cross over a stream.

19 April 2019

More Manchocheon

I took the day to drive around and visit as many sites along the stream as possible, including finding one tunnel entrance up on a mountain that seems to lead into the exact same system.

19 April 2019

Dice Latte and Dope Records

Between visiting stream sites and urban renewal zones, I stopped by Dice Latte in Hoegi area to write an article, and Dope Records' store in Gongdeok area to buy CDs from a store as if it were 10 years ago.

18 April 2019

Sites Along Manchocheon

It was night but I headed out to look around at some sites relevant to the stream. Most of these I'd have to return to in the daytime, but at the time I just didn't feel like waiting.

16 April 2019

RASKB Business and Culture Club

Jun Shin led a lunchtime walk from King Gojong's 40th anniversary shrine, over to Gyeonghee Palace. Next one will be by me, to Donuimun Museum Village.

13 April 2019

Cat Barf

I came home to discover someone had left cat barf on my laptop. I questioned these two witnesses but neither admitted to seeing who did it.

13 April 2019

Matt's RASKB Tour to Gaehwasan

Matt led a tour of the area in Gangseo-gu where he used to live. I joined partway through, but still got my money's worth as the tour went a couple hours longer than intended. Most of the pictures are from one particularly interesting temple site, Mitasa.

2 April 2019

Bye Cats

Buster has really taken an interest in my sister. He still spends a lot of time on the couch, even a month after she's left. Sometimes I think he wants to be my sister.

1 April 2019


We went to visit my friend Jenn who lives in a Hanok in Seochon. We brought our own makgeolli and played with her cats.

30 March 2019

Bottling Makgeolli

It took a while but the makgeolli stopped fermenting and we were finally able to bottle it. This basically involves straining it, and pantyhose work well for that. So anyone who visits, that's why I have those.

29 March 2019

Korea Furniture Museum

We went to the furniture museum in Seongbuk-dong. The tour was efficient and thorough and better than I thought it would be. We didn't get to see the building with all the kitchen stuff which would have been good.

26 March 2019

Leaving Jeju

A few pictures from the flight back to Seoul.

26 March 2019

Jeju Gimnyeong Maze Park

We went to the maze in Gimnyeong, founded by Fred Dustin. It was crawling with cats. We got through the maze after a couple of tries and made good time, then struggled to get past all the cats to leave.

26 March 2019


We revisited the village where Jin A-young had lived, and admired the cacti.

25 March 2019


We stayed in Hyeopjae, where you can find Josie's Bottle Shop, as well as some lesser-known lava tubes.

25 March 2019

The 10,000-Year-Old Village

We made a detour to Jagunae, same as we did last time four years earlier. There were a number of other photographers there who looked serious about photographing the squids. I also saw a protest tent and some interesting historical claims that predate the Dangun nation-creation myth.

25 March 2019

Japanese Airfield

We went to one corner of the island that used to be a Japanese airfield. Unlike last year, this time we went closer to the various hangars that used to hold Japanese airplanes. The planes may have been launched for warfare against China, but World War II never reached here. The Korean War inflicted heavy casualties here though, as there's a war-era site related to the Jeju Massacre nearby.

25 March 2019

Junk Shop

We stopped by this house in a random village where a lot of old antiques were sold. I bought some records and we treated everything else like a museum. Apparently this guy sells this stuff to movie productions.

25 March 2019


We went to the beach, and even though it was too cold to go in the water, my sister did anyway.

25 March 2019


Right outside the abandoned circus there are several horses in pens. They seemed pretty calm and weren't disturbed by us. Some were friendlier than others.

25 March 2019

Abandoned Circus

We revisited the circus, which seemed to be in pretty well the same condition as my previous visit in 2015.

25 March 2019

Renting a Car

We rented a car for a very fair price. Near the end of the trip I put a huge scratch in the right side while passing through a narrow alley with a big bush on the right side that hid a container of some kind, but they didn't charge us extra for it at all.

24 March 2019

Jeju Magpie Brewery

We went to the Magpie Brewery, which is in a small village on the outskirts of Jeju City. This is where Tyler works now, as the taphouse in Tap-dong has moved locations and gotten a new rebranding.

24 March 2019

Shaman Site

Tyler brought us to a shaman site where all sorts of rituals are performed for a spirit in a tree. Unfortunately my sister didn't want to be sacrificed so we left.

24 March 2019

Arario Gallery

We went to the Arario Gallery in Tap-dong, which had some interesting artwork. The whole place used to be a movie theater or something, and they transformed the spaces into art displays. Some of the art is pretty remarkable, and its incorporation into the rooms was well-done. They also provided headsets that would auto-play messages when you got close to certain points throughout the place.

16 March 2019

Kimchikan Museum

We went to the kimchi museum in Insadong, where they had a simple program where you can make your own kimchi without much guidance. It got the job done but was a bit kiddish, as it started out with colouring our containers. The museum has a few things worth seeing, but would be a lot better with a knowledgeable guide.

15 March 2019

Making Makgeolli

We signed up for makgeolli courses with Julia from The Sool Company. The class was held in Susubori Academy same as before, although now it seems Julia is an outside contractor. I roped Coetzer into joining and he told us a bit about how he knows how to make a South African moonshine.

12 March 2019

RASKB Business and Culture Club

I led a tour for the B&C Club to Gongpyeong Historic Sites Museum, which is an odd museum featuring former archaeological ruins dug up during excavation of the building. This used to be a site where I visited abandoned buildings several years ago, and I returned a couple times later to look at the archaeological ruins. It seemed an ideal place for me to lead a bunch of RASKB people to look at how they gamified archaeological preservation.

12 March 2019


A couple things arrived in boxes, and I let the cats have them.

11 March 2019

Seokjeon Daeje at Sungkyunkwan

I got up early on Monday to visit SKKU, where the usual mass ceremonial sacrifice to Confucius et al was taking place.

10 March 2019

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

We went to Suwon, my Korean hometown, for a visit to Hwaseong Fortress, followed by galbi and a luxury train ride back to Seoul aboard the West Gold.

9 March 2019

NST & the Soul Sauce CD Release

NST & the Soul Sauce released their second full-length album, and for this one they added a lot of their pansori and traditional music, courtesy of Kim Yul-hee. The album contains a few dubs, as well as some influences beyond reggae and Jamaican music.

They gave me a pretty weird interview that everyone said was weird even for them, but the quotes were still interesting.

8 March 2019

International Women's Day

I didn't think I should be the one writing about International Women's Day, and none of my coworkers could, so I asked my sister to contribute an article.

We ended up going to Gwanghwamun for a festival for the event, and followed along with the parade toward Insadong. There were some interesting people attending, including some politicians and some of the girls who started the #SchoolMeToo movement.

8 March 2019

David Mason SIWA Tour

David Mason was leading a tour of the Modern History Museum for Seoul International Women's Association, which was good timing for us to join.

3 March 2019

Seun Sangga

We stopped by the roof garden of Seun Sangga, where I took only one picture of a model surrounded by a ton of photographers.

2 March 2019

Comagens at Jebi Dabang

I brought my sister to Hongdae where we went to a small concert at Jebi Dabang, although it was very crowded.

2 March 2019

HBC Roof

My sister came to Korea to visit for pretty well the month of March. That kept me busy which is why I haven't updated the site in quite some time. More is coming soon.

23 February 2019

...Whatever That Means 10-Year-Anniversary

...Whatever That Means were celebrating their 10th anniversary as a band (and Jeff and Trash's 10th anniversary). They had a concert at SHARP and have been announcing plans for "It's a Fest!", an island punk festival held in June. Now that their crowdfunding campaign went way over what they needed, it should be pretty easy for them to pull it off.

23 February 2019

Cyberpunk Seoul

I came up with an idea to write a satire article about how "cyberpunk" photographers were decrying the urban renewal at Euljiro, because it will reduce the number of locations where they can go and take oversaturated images. I decided to stop by myself and make some of my own cyberpunk images. I don't really care for the technique at all, didn't wait for blue hour, didn't care that it hadn't rained, and just increased the colour saturation. Here's an attempt to put the article together.

Amateur photographers decry loss of Euljiro, Seoul's most 'cyberpunk' neighborhood

'Euljiro redevelopment will hurt cyberpunk photography too,' whines cyberpunk photographer

Seoul's sky is clouding over, and cyberpunk photographer Andy Deckard starts packing his camera gear.

"Cyberpunk photography relies on three equal elements: rain-drenched street, dirty old alleys, and photo manipulation filters, lots of photo manipulation filters," he says. "If it rains tonight, there alleys of downtown will be crowded with so many cyberpunk photographers I won't be able to get a shot."

But the cloud cover turned out to be only air pollution.

For cyberpunk photographers like Deckard, the world is shrinking, as they see an increasing amount of cyberpunk photographers. And now, with the disappearance of Euljiro, the number of sites they can go is shrinking.

A group of cyberpunk photographers in Seoul planned to have a protest walk through Euljiro last Saturday at dusk, but only three showed up due to lack of rain.

While they were assembled in front wondering what to do, an urban exploring photographer muscled past them. "Move aside, chump," he said. "This is our time now."

"Oh well, at least we'll always have Myeongdong," Deckard said.

"And the bus stops in front of Seoul Station," his friend, Voxel Quartz, helpfully added.

They shared plans to find the next big photo fad to migrate to, ultimately settling on the new "Spiderverse" filter.

23 February 2019

North Korea

I've covered the last two speech contests by TNKR students. This one's the latest.

16 February 2019


I was trying to make an image for something that involved a long exposure in a dark environment. It's easier to do in the Host tunnel, but not so good up here.

16 February 2019

Abandoned Neighbourhood

A friend tipped me off about an abandoned neighbourhood, so I went for a look. Later that night I realised this was the 100th abandoned neighbourhood in Korea I've visited.

5 February 2019

End of Exploring

After we got back to Seoul, we got food and then we hit up a store that had some interesting candy. They had Army Man candies that were amusingly shaped and tasted good, and also a Pez Dispenser that looked like Millie. She was less than thrilled when I showed her.

I'm done with the two big events for this year so far, and I have less to go over for the month of February. We'll see when I update next.

5 February 2019

Abandoned Military Base

After seeing an announcement that an abandoned barracks building on a closed base I'm familiar with was due for renovation to be turned into a hostel for returning adoptees, I decided I had to revisit. The front gate has been replaced withs something more solid but still flawed, and there were more signs of film production here. We found signs everywhere for a supposed abandoned mental hospital.

4 February 2019


I stopped by Space Beam, now renamed Incheon Culture Brewery. Nobody was there but the front door was unlocked, and someone else let themselves in so I followed also. Back in June 2009 I had a photo exhibition here, releasing a booklet and putting on a punk show.

4 February 2019

Abandoned Incheon

On this day I headed out alone to visit an abandoned neighbourhood in Incheon. On getting there, I discovered it was mostly abandoned. I also found it was also a place I was familiar with, after a previous visit to Sudoguksan Moon Village Museum in 2017.

3 February 2019

Farewell Yongsan Pochachon...Again

After the tunnel, we went to the usual place, Yongsan Pochachon, only to find it closed and cleared out. After we got food at a perfectly good galmaegi place right next door, we returned for a closer look. it was sad to see this place chased away from yet another location, and the end of one ritualistic part of our tunnel visits.

One of the people with us wrote a eulogy for the basement food tent village.

3 February 2019


It was raining but not heavily, so we decided to chance it going into the Host Tunnel. It turned out okay, but we spent the whole time on alert just in case a floodgate opened up. I don't think I can judge how safe or dangerous it is, until I see how dangerous it can get. My prior frame of reference is either bone dry, or several meters flooded during a natural disaster. If a floodgate opened and water gushed in, I think we could've gotten to safety, but can't say for certain.

We developed a new activity for the tunnel, a type of art contest. Just don't view this if you're at work.

2 February 2019


We ended up at Sinchon, where we hit a roof, then went for Indian food and ended up having beer at Beer O'Clock. Day 1 was a success.

2 February 2019

Abandoned Neighbourhood

After Euljiro, we went to an abandoned neighbourhood where an evictee in his 30s had committed suicide, which turned this place into a flashpoint as well. We walked by a bunch of goonish looking kids in their 20s, and one of them raced after us on his scooter to warn us away. He didn't want us walking through and taking pictures, and a couple times he (and I) had to yell at my companions to put their cameras away.

I gave him the offer, we would not go inside anywhere or take pictures, and would stick to the roadways and exit out the other side. He allowed it. Fortunately there was still quite a lot to see, without entering any buildings.

2 February 2019


My plan for the first day of the Lunar New Year long weekend was to visit Euljiro, while everyone was gone for the holidays. It worked out differently than I expected as workers were still there, protesters were still there, and restaurants were still open.

One of the people with us was a Korea Times reporter who had been covering the area. She ran into a protester she'd interviewed, and he brought us on a tour through the area, visiting several machine shops we otherwise wouldn't have seen. It was a surprising way to start the holiday, and a unique experience normally inaccessible.

It's been said Euljiro has all the parts necessary to build a nuclear submarine, except possibly the nuclear materials, and even then I'm not too sure about that. I've also seen a Korean article that parts built here have been placed in orbit, with one of the recent Korean satellites up there.

27 January 2019


Just a nice simple picture taken while crossing the street one day before sunset.

26 January 2019

RASKB Open House

The RASKB office held an open house, inviting anyone to come by and look through the bookstore.

A number of RASKB council members were there, and that meant everyone coming through the office was deluged with a great deal of stories about Korea's history told from first-hand perspectives, dating back through the last 50+ years.

It went well, but we also realise we can't hold these every weekend and expect to have the same success. So the next opportunity might not be until the Garden Party.

25 January 2019

Stray Cats

I got invited to go somewhere with a lot of stray cats. My friend there is looking after three female cats, with plans to trap them, spay them, and then she doesn't know what next. I joined her to have a look and see more of the strays in the area.

The problem is being handled, but there is a lot of red tape to cut through and I'm not confident they can keep up with the increase of strays. I told the people who are using this land that in order to be good neighbours, they have to deal with this problem and not leave a mess for whoever takes possession of this land next.

20 January 2019

Yongsan Disaster 10th Anniversary

It has been 10 years since the police decided to launch a daring rooftop raid on an otherwise unremarkable rooftop evictee protest stronghold. Looking back on it, anyone can see how clearly insane it was to attempt to stuff a construction crate full of anti-terrorist riot police and use a crane to lift it to the roof. Somehow, back then, the conservatives controlled discourse, and when this broke down and people died it was somehow the victims who were at fault. The actual dude who ordered the operation was later appointed to head a public airports corporation and was later elected to an Assembly seat representing a conservative part of the country. Can someone remind me again what conservatism actually is about? Is it just about killing people?

The main remembrance ceremony was held at a burial site for martyrs outside the city, but when I visited there were a few other photographers wandering around trying to figure out what exactly to photograph. I was tempted to approach them and show them exactly where everything happened. Also, isn't it kind of weird to see all these public safety posters by the fire department at this site?

13 January 2019

Finally Home

I got home after three days of travel, to find Coetzer had kept his promise to feed my cats. They were hungry when I arrived, which is pretty normal. Buster insisted on eating separate from Millie, and had his food while hiding under the bed.

13 January 2019

Cultist's Market

Downhill of the abandoned hillside was a still active market. Somewhere within its bowels is a house belonging to a guy my friends called "the Charles Manson of Korea," based on his face tattoos, or at least face art.

We will hopefully get more information about this guy soon.

13 January 2019

Abandoned Hillside

Uphill from the abandoned houses was a whole hillside of abandoned small-scale homes. They tried showing me around, but we got separated after I tumbled through a door into an entirely new corner of the neighbourhood and didn't see any point to backtracking.

13 January 2019

Old Houses

They took me to an area not too far away, where we visited a couple of old Hanoks. They'd given nicknames to them, something like "The Artist's House" and "The Printer's House," but complained stuff had been removed. Both were still quite interesting.

I had to put my shoulder into opening the front door of one, and when it came time to leave we realised we couldn't shut it like we had found it. So I wedged stuff against the inside of the door, then jumped out over the madang wall.

13 January 2019

Red Cross Hospital

Our first stop for the day was the abandoned hospital. The way in was easier than I previously thought, possibly because it's commonly used by squatters living inside.

The interior is interesting, and still in decent shape. with quite a story to tell.

13 January 2019

Waking Up

I engaged in some more Love Motel Tourism, waking up in the morning and heading to the roof to see the view. I chose this motel based on its closeness to the abandoned hospital, and sure enough parts of the property were visible from the roof. I had attempted to stay in the ritzy-looking Bentley Hotel, but it cost double what a love motel should cost, despite the obvious theft of intellectual property.

12 January 2019

Red Cross Hospital

We visited an abandoned hospital which Isaiah had written about recently.

We didn't go inside, but saw two interesting signs out front, one which thanks prostitutes for donating blood during the 1980 Gwangju Uprising, and another later one which cautions people that HIV can be contracted from prostitutes.

12 January 2019

Ryan's GIC Talk

The main reason for visiting was to see Ryan's talk on urban exploration, which I believe can be viewed in full here. p<> I spoke up twice, once when Ryan asked me if visiting the Pyramids of Giza counts as urban exploration and I contradicted him by saying no, and again at the end when I said trespassing itself as we do it is not a crime, or at least does not break criminal law.

12 January 2019


We were wandering down the street before Ryan's talk, and saw the entrance to the abandoned colatec. So we went in for a quick visit. I was at this place a year earlier, and my camera battery died right after we finished here. It's basically become a parking garage, with no awareness given whatsoever to protecting the venue itself. It is all there for anyone who wanders in.

12 January 2019

Jeonil Building

After reading at work that the Jeonil Building would undergo renovations starting in February, not to mention seeing the photos by my colleague, I inquired about visiting the site myself. The timing was perfect, and thanks to Dr. Shin at Gwangju International Center, we got permission to enter on the last day possible.

We got to enter in a group of urban explorers with some media credentials, and my reaction to seeing the scene surprised me. I only felt hot anger, something I've never experienced while exploring before, not even in connection to the Yongsan Disaster.

In 1980, people in Gwangju didn't like that Chun Doo-hwan had taken control of the country in a violent military coup following the assassination of Park Chung-hee. They took to the streets, and the military moved in to suppress them. What exactly happened in the chaos remains unclear, with the exact number of dead unknown, as journalists became entangled in the events. Apparently at a few points, helicopters were dispatched with machine guns, and at one point one fired on Jeonil Building, in an attempt to suppress the journalists inside who were observing the uprising.

People have been claiming for almost 40 years to have witnessed a helicopter firing on the building, and they've been told they are lying or are communist agents for saying so, and that it didn't really happen. Meanwhile, the bulletholes were all right there, for anyone who wanted to go and look. Finally a couple years ago, now that Moon Jae-in is president, an investigation went and said, yes, there are bulletholes here. Until recently, we had to report on this incident with words like "allegedly"; when I pitched an article about this visit, I was told to give both sides.

What's the other side right now? The government tried to scare journalists into not doing their job, and for decades Korea has struggled with a war on truth. All this to protect a newly minted dictator who'd taken control of the country by force. The other side is bullshit.

11 January 2019

Butterfly Island and Oh Mae

I joined a Facebook group for expats in Yeosu and learned my best chance of having craft beer in the city was at Butterfly Island, a brewpub a stone's throw away from where I stayed in Yeocheon in 1996.

The two places are run by a Canadian husband and Korean wife. He handles Oh Mae, a small brewpub in an inconvenient location and unpredictable hours that houses the brewing equipment, and she runs Butterfly Island, more of a restaurant atmosphere in the middle of a sleazy-looking district near the harbour.

I arrived at Butterfly Island right as it opened, and tried each of their beers while talking with the woman who runs it. Then her husband showed up. He he claims to be the second-longest-term expat in Yeosu, so he was surprised to meet another foreigner who had older memories of the place. He offered to bring me to Oh Mae where he had some more experimental beers I could try. One was a mustard stout with gat-kimchi flavouring. He poured it out, and as soon as I tasted the foam I was surprised by the kimchi flavour. If you've ever had kimchi chocolate, you can have an open mind to how good this was.

Craft beer hasn't totally caught on in Yeosu yet, and this place reminded me of early Magpie back when its Gyeongnidan location was a beer brewing equipment store just starting to experiment with being a bar. It's probably inevitable it will catch on in Yeosu, in which case I hope these two are given their due recognition. If it isn't them who get all the attention, it will likely be their students/customers.

I'm waiting to publish an article about this place, which is one reason this site hasn't been updated in a while so I could include a link, but they want to wait for the right time for the article to come out. So we'll just go ahead here.

11 January 2019

Expo Grounds

After the aquarium I wandered around more as it got dark, and entered one of the hotels there. I got up to the roof, where they had a heated swimming pool. I had my bathing suit with me, and was tempted to change and jump in, which they totally would have let me do. But they didn't have showers, and I was already quite sweaty from walking around with a large bag, so I decided to spare them.

My camera malfunctioned and I started to suspect my whole trip had just ended photographically, but I popped off the lens and put it back on and it seemed to work again.

11 January 2019

Yeosu Aquarium

I saw the aquarium back in 2012, and it is just as exciting now as it was back then, just with much smaller crowds. This one seems to be run by Hanwha, same as the 63 Building one.

Hanwha: We know gang violence, and aquariums.

11 January 2019

Yeosu Expo

I had my first actual proper three-day weekend in weeks, so I headed down to Yeosu. My main goal was to visit the former Expo grounds, which I had previously visited in 1996, 2009 during heavy urban renewal, and twice in 2012 before and during the Expo.

In consideration of the previous Expo in Daejeon, I wanted to see how this one was holding up post-Expo. What I came away with was more positive than Daejeon, but still wasteful, albeit as construction continues in the area. Most interesting was Darakhyu, a "capsule" hotel that was built in the former USA Pavilion. Darakhyu is under Walkerhill's brand and is basically a modular design that can be built up in any large space, such as an airport terminal, and then disassembled and moved somewhere else.

The article I ended up writing turned out a little more touristy than I had initially thought.

10 January 2019

Gongpyeong Historic Sites Museum

I've written about these glass floor installations across Seoul, specifically Jongno along the former Pimatgol, but this is the largest I've seen yet. It's also the most interesting, though it's more interesting for a look at the processes in modern architectural preservation rather than having any historic value. Also, there are VR devices that allow you to walk through a Hanok.

I'm going here with the RASKB Business and Culture Club on Tuesday, March 12, during lunch.

10 January 2019

Hotel Academy House

Jacco alerted me to this place, telling me it was originally built by West Germans and it had played a major role in Korea's democratic activism. Research currently underway.

There's a mean-looking guard dog up on one of the roofs, and I brought dog treats to throw at it until it stopped barking.

Someone left water running, and the same building was turned into an ice rink on the ground floor.

5 January 2019

Abandoned Neighbourhood

I saw a picture of roughly the same view on Instagram and was wondering where it could be taken with Namsan in the background. Driving around looking for it I realised how little I know about my own surroundings.

I encountered one stray cat here, and it looks like someone was leaving out food, possibly to catch it. I left a note giving directions to where I saw the cat and its description, just in case it was an owner looking for a lost pet.


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