This sign doesn't apply to me because I live here.

The view from my bed in the morning.

There's that recently "restored" Hanok.

Writing in Geumjandi Square.

The statue of Kim Chang-suk was covered in snow.

I'd never even noticed this statue before. Apparently this was a student demonstrator who died in the 1980s or '90s.

By the time I got to the old grounds, some paths had been brushed clean.

The workers were still at it.

You can see how effective the roof is at keeping snow off the building.

Ghost footprints.

I don't think I've ever seen this gate open.

See if you can make it 3D.

The two buildings whose purpose escapes me the most.

A bit of snow on the concrete.

Ondol entrances.

And here's one of the university's most popular strays.

This one showed up more recently.

From the roof of the International Hall.

Stray from above.

Cat food tracks.

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