Gyeongui Line Forest Park

This view shows how the newly opened park is looking.

I'm a little unclear on what's inside that structure.

Under the bridge.

People were concentrated under here.

Anyway, there are some cranes.

Walking through.

This is looking down on the former Duriban area. Duriban used to be where that gate is on the left, and where that piledriver is.

That building is over the former railroad tracks.

A more panoramic version showing the park curving off.

That's how the park looks.

Mmm, juicy crane.

Seen from the front.

And from across the street, higher up.

The former Duriban location.

A closer look at the metal work.

Here's how the park looks in the other direction.

I'm still unsure the fate of that building.

People hanging around at the subway entrance under the construction site.

There is just a path back there.

Seen from partway up inside.


Looking out over Hongdae.

Down toward the park.

A clearer view.

The other crane.

The way up.

Here's the top of the construction site so far.

From higher up.

The former Duriban area, plus the cop shop out back. Hypothetically if anyone from there looked up, they'd see me.


The crane.

Lights coming on.

I hope I don't know what that is.

Time to head down.

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