Conquering Hongdae

I found a position across the street, in front of a convenience store where I could inconspicuously drink and monitor the building. It was all clear.

This is just a safety signing promising no deaths. Interesting they would claim this goal while also not having any real security whatsoever. Maybe an admission security and rule of law don't save lives?

At the halfway point we came out to this open area.

The light was fading and this was probably my best picture of the area.

But time to turn back.

I walked up the next eight or so floors surrounded by this ugly pink-and-white decorating motif.

This is what I saw at the top, looking down on Gyeongui Line Forest Park running from Saikyo-ri Station to Gajwa Station. That crooked line intersecting it is Donggyo-ro, where Saikyo Stream previously ran.

Slightly different framing.

Looking southward. THe curved line on the left is the former route of the Danginri Line.

Looking the other direction, up the Gyeongui Line Forest Park, toward Yongsan. That dark patch in the lower area is another construction project.

I did a half-assed timelapse and then started to get ready to go.

This is Seoul's next Diving Board. I only wish someone was with me.

Time to re-enter the design nightmare.

Out in the alley between construction projects, an area that will look very different in a couple years. And pictured in that mural is Mangwonjeong.

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