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April 1 2007

Goodbye Slackers

I guess there are a ton of people I need to thank for making this tour possible. First, those of you who donated your money to me:
  • Anarack, who is serving in Iraq right now. Sorry I couldn't get a picture of them holding up a sign for you, but it was impossible getting them all together at once.
  • Mike, who I think donated more money than anyone.
  • Jay, who donated even though he's out of the country.
  • Jesse, who also ran the doors at the Skunk show and helped out a great deal at the Friday show.
  • Diane, who brought her camera and should have pictures of her own soon.
  • Aaron
  • Laura, who wore a skirt.
  • Jonathan, who didn't give me any money, but DJed two Soul Allnighters with me, basically kickstarting this kind of scene and was responsible for a lot of the people being there.

    Also thanks to everyone else:

  • Orc for driving us around and putting up with us.
  • Courtney for being my sidekick for the tour and ensuring the Slackers' needs were met. Also for running the doors on Friday.
  • My ex-wife who helped look after the Slackers on Saturday and also ran the merch table.
  • Sarah who was the merch girl on Friday night.
  • Courtney's friend whose name I didn't get who helped out on the doors.
  • Matt who videoed the first show.
  • Jesse's friend who helped out on the doors on Saturday, and whoever else was around helping out.
  • Lorne, Anthony, Matt and crew over at DGBD for running their club very professionally.
  • The opening bands--Suck Stuff, Kingston Rudieska, Ska Sucks, and Rux--for putting on a great show and getting the word out that there are great bands in Korea.
  • Thanks to Paul for handing out flyers, and for that damn good chicken.
  • And of course, the Slackers for doing what not many bands are willing to do, and coming to Korea without knowing at all what they were getting into. If you want to thank them, I encourage you to do it via MySpace.

    Also, check out this review of the show that ran in the Korea Herald on Tuesday.

  • March 31 2007

    Second Best Show of the Year

    Here are the pictures from the Slackers' second show in Seoul and final show in Asia. As predicted, the sound wasn't quite as good, but the attendance was almost double the previous night. They were extremely impressed with the energy of the crowd, despite all other drawbacks. This was the second real show I'd ever promoted in my life, and this time there were no serious hitches at all. For this set I kept running out to check the doors, but in the thick crowd it was slow moving.

    This show was definitely in the top five attendance record-breakers I've seen at Skunk. I always thought the top was the Champion 2004 tour, mainly because we got the stage more filled. Paul claims his Save the Dogs charity show had more numbers, but that show had a ton of bands and no real headliner, so the attendance was spread out over the entire night so it was never totally packed at once. The fourth biggest show would have to be the Korea/Japan Oi Festival of 2004, but that's mainly because we had 50 Japanese people over. One other good thing about this show was the severe lack of bullshit going on. There were no fights, no conflicts, and nobody being kicked out. As you can see in the pictures, pretty well everyone was smiling the entire time.

    March 31 2007

    Ska Sucks and Rux

    My original intention was to have Suck Stuff and Ska Sucks play a show together, but Rux switched with Suck Stuff so they could play in Skunk. I think it was the right choice, because Skunk is Rux's home field, and Suck Stuff has some of their best shows when they're playing in strange venues.

    For this show we had a lot of people show up early, fearing the show would be sold out quickly. By around 4 there were already people arriving to ask about tickets. I had no problem taking their money and stamping their hands first. By the time the show started there was already a good crowd gathered so the openers had a lot of people to impress.

    March 31 2007

    An Afternoon with the Slackers

    On Saturday we scrapped all plans of doing any sightseeing. Originally we were going to take the Slackers to see Gyungbokgoong, but with traffic and a late start and an early soundcheck, we decided to just hang out in Hongdae. We took them out for Korean food and Czech beers, and then it was time for soundcheck. A little disappointing we didn't do anything exciting, but much more relaxing.

    March 30 2007

    Best show of the year

    This was the first time I promoted a real show with actual bands. The two Soul Allnighters were valuable training, especially for this venue. I spent the night running around, checking on the door, transferring money, checking where the Slackers are, seeing how the bands are doing, handing out drink tickets, and taking pictures. For Vic we rented a Korg Triton, which is a piece of junk compared to more vintage keyboards, but that's all you can really get here.

    There were no problems at the show until the very end, when we had to get out. It was raining hard, there were no taxis, and Orc was in bed with his cell turned off. It took a long time but finally we managed to get the Slackers to their hotel. Unfortunately the ordeal wore us all out and they wanted to stay there.

    Matt has also uploaded a video of "Married Girl."

    March 30 2007

    Suck Stuff and Kingston Rudieska

    I've got about half the pictures up from Friday night. The other half are the Slackers' set. The first show was great. Both opening acts put on terrific sets and the crowd was very responsive. During Suck Stuff's set, Paul announced, "I know you guys are all here for ska but you're going to have to put up with us for about 20 more minutes." When Kingston Rudieska played, a switch flipped in Marcus Geard's head and he looked like he was having a great time. Some people there hadn't seen Suck Stuff and some hadn't seen Kingston Rudieska.

    Enjoy this picture of Adam getting served on the dancefloor by Beomju.

    I'll do my best to have the Slackers pictures up tomorrow.

    March 30 2007

    Slackers in Dongdaemoon

    I took the day off work on Friday at great cost, and escorted the Slackers to Dongdaemoon for a look around at the dirtier side of Seoul. It was a fun day and they had their first taste of real Korean food. We went record shopping and Vic fell in love with '60s Korean music. Unfortunately the records were far too expensive for us.

    A few days earlier my new camera arrived. Now I'm using a Nikon D40, which is entirely different than what I've become used to over the years of using a Coolpix 950 and 4500. I'm having some trouble adjusting shutter speed settings and how the flash works isn't intuitive yet, but these daytime pictures were extremely easy to prepare.

    The performance pictures will take a little while to set up, but there will be some great ones. If you pick up a Korea Herald on Tuesday you'll probably see one of my shots.

    March 29 2007

    Slackers Arrive

    I don't have any pictures of the Slackers here yet. Once they arrived I had to put the camera down.

    I went with Orc and Courtney to pick them up. Their flight was a little late but they got through okay. Some of them even remembered me from Edmonton in 2003.

    Slackers Poster

    Jinsuk from Ska Sucks made this nice poster for the Slackers show. I tried my hand at making posters but they weren't quite as nice. Here's the DGBD poster and here's the Skunk one.


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