First we went to the market by Ehwa Womans University[sic], and we went above it.

The giant camel toe of Edae.

Looking down on the most active part.

Now you know what building we were on.

More bizarre than the rooftop itself was this enclosed, deserted garden.

Gotta love Korean mannequins.

We couldn't decide if there was a person in there, or it was a robot. Neither could these girls.

The robot's backup.

Cory decided to get her ears pierced.

Rule 34c: if it exists, there is a cafe or bar named after it somewhere in Asia.

Rooftopping in Sinchon. I told kts it was a safe ladder. Didn't want to tell him "Don't look down."


An appropriate name for right now.

Coming down.

Last stop of the day: the abandoned hilltop above Morene Market.

kts at work.

Found photos. I think they're from somewhere in the same area.

There still might be residents on the middle floor.

Hopefully no one.


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