Abandoned Mental Hospital

The front gate was very heavily sealed, so we took the mountain way in. Unlike our first attempt at this last year, we made it. It was surprisingly easy. We came out of the brush by this building, which I'd never visited before.

It seemed to be higher security holding cells, and the floor was completely flooded with ice.

Didn't take long before we broke out the tripods.

My woman.

It's a little hard to tell, but this is an HDR.

The front door of the hospital. The URL spraypainted in there seems to be http://club.cyworld.com/hypersoar but I really can't tell.

Smashed in door.

Scoreboard in the rec room.

Lunch room.

Ce n'est pas une pipe.

Encased in ice on the roof.


Ah, whiskey and meds.

Look familiar?

I need some drugs to calm myself down.

We found this frozen waterfall out back.

Another outbuilding. We never found the way to the top floor.

Toy car.

The main building.

Making our escape.

We had to desecrate a graveyard to get by.

The soul of a dead nut.

Guard dog.

Drinking with an unknown hairy barbarian.

I love Korean safety signs.

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