Craig and the Three-Legged Man

I took this so I could Google them. Thought it would be a security company. Heh-heh. Nipple.

Ever wonder what it would be like to have Craig as your English teacher?

Weirdass rooftop on the adjacent building. It was still partly active, so we didn't find a sneaky way in.

This one on the right we did get on top of. Bizarre how many different architectural styles were used.

Looking toward the red-light district. The little bit of blanketed off rubble in the center is the old place we went to have fun.

There's a familiar sight down there.

Most of the floors were pretty well gutted.

Nice view in the washroom.

The women weren't so lucky.

We stopped in a restaurant for a quick drink.

The menu. Tons of food I would never order.

Up one floor.

Up a bit higher.

Wait, what's going on with my legs?

--I mean, uh, damn right.

Ah, soju posters.

Bragging about having your restaurant on a TV show: a Korean national pastime.

Sweet karaoke machine.

Getting down was a bit problematic.

Here's Craig lurking around worrying about being spotted.

We UEed our way to the bottom of a few beers. The building in the background is the same one with the funny rooftop.

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