Abandoned Farmers' Village

On the way out of Seoul.

These things almost look like repurposed bunkers.

Some 3D magic for you. One works the same as a magic eye, the other is in reverse.

There were a bunch of these things here.

Oh look, it's the year 2543? I don't even know what calendar this could be, in Buddhist years? The upper right hand corner identifying it as 4332/1999 is Korean years.

A church.

Everyone loves green blankets.

You can see the train tracks.

There were lots of white cats here.

Guard dog.

That ladder looks amazing.

Abandoned vending machine.

For a second I actually thought this was the Virgin Mary Sauna.

Whoa, I think I used to have skis like this when I was young.

Lots of poo.

That kindergarten over there looked worth visiting.

When I got in, a truck pulled up outside and old men were unloading supplies into another building.

Direct view onto a construction shed/security shack.

Party hats!

I saw this out on the street. Something tells me they're both transgendered.

Obviously a graffiti artist lives here.

Slightly nicer lettering than usual.

Another kindergarten.

Back behind the frontline.

A McDonald's drive-thru? Are you kidding me?

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