The highlight of the trip was this bombed-out church that was right next to the ferry dock.

We weren't supposed to go in, but I got into this little shack around the side.

The military base, now mysteriously empty.

Inside a restaurant that was next to one of the blasts.



Burned out apartment covered with police tape.

What police tape?

Pictures scattered on the ground.

Run, it's the fuzz!

Tears of blood! Or something.

Kind of typical for Yeonpyungdo's housing.

This neighbourhood from what I could tell was still lived in.




Melted truck.

Melted building.

Sooty interior.

This building was hit on the roof and burned.

I'm guessing by the standing beams this missed a direct blast and burned afterward.

Pretty common sight inside.


This was one of the buildings where somebody died.

One of the larger apartments of the island that was affected.

Inside, it looks like the ceiling got a bad shaking.

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