Dooriban Show

A lone Smirnoff Ice, just sitting under the solar panels waiting for an unsuspecting solar power technician to come along and get Iced.

Ever seen a power generator that incorporates a urinal before? As far as I can tell, it's just a weight.

We enjoyed hanging out on the rooftop until some unspecified foreigners ruined it by pouring beer off the roof onto Nikolai's head.

First band: Return Bois.

Drinking Cass Red through a straw.

The place started to fill up pretty quickly.

Next: Find the Spot.

This guy was filming a documentary about live music in Dooriban.

Next: Chadburger, one of the few times they weren't the opening band.

Getting pegged by a German.

By the time Shellback started, it was soft-focus like a Penthouse photo shoot inside.

Mike ended up videoing the Brothers of the Hole with Sean's camera.

Verv was worried that wearing a kafiya would be controversial, but he had Ramy's blessing. Then Ramy didn't show up.

The Song "Dong Cult Park Exit 12" was dedicated to all the Russians in the room.

And here's Tel going nuts during Banran.

Time for Skasucks.

Ryan had a mini-megaphone.

Not safe.

The one picture I took of Sandra the whole night. Thanks, Daham.

Germans singing!

At this point the band doubled up.

Twice the Skasucks.

Last band to play was 100 Blossom Club. Everyone else wanted to play before a certain time, and they were the only ones who wanted to play after a certain time.

Did Ryan mention he's somewhat of an expert at solar panel technology? Also, at being Iced?

Downstairs, everyone was socialising.

Of course we ended up at Roots Time.

Nothing in his mouth.

Out of the way!

Shinji refused to sell more to Verv, the first time I've ever seen anyone cut off in Roots Time, or even Korea.

To make up for the time Verv went without alcohol, we lined up tequila shots.

My cats will have a problem with this.

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