Downtown Exploring

To see this pig in action, click here.

They're doing renovations at the Myungdong Catholic Cathedral.


I didn't figure out in time what he was doing, and missed out on a really cool potential candid photo.

Brick backpacks.

Faceless billboard.

The area around Joongang Cinema.

Up on the roof.

Our next stop, across the road.

Walking over.

Looks like this is just from last year.

Two-dimensional image.

Let's see that in 3D. Uncross your eyes.

Or cross them.

Or just let the animation do it for you.


Closer look at the faceless billboard. I'm sure this building is going too.

Moving around behind the curtain was a bit awkward, but otherwise easy.

Inside the bar.

Higher up, the bar turned into a noraebang.

At this point I realised the name of the bar, "Parao," was supposed to be Pharaoh.

This construction shack seemed unoccupied.

Looking back toward Joongang Cinema.

Odd seeing that in English.

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