Townhall Records Show

First band was Brothers of the Hole.

Something about this picture makes me think of an old photograph you find in a box somewhere from 40 years ago, which leads you to think about how weird people were back then.

Some Verv action.

Things got interesting when he decided to take his pants off.

That expression says "I'm having the weirdest dream right now where I'm performing with my band and I'm not wearing any pants!"

Verv's molesting hand.

Eastern Europeans approve.

This picture captures the compex emotions on display.

Chadburger was next. I bet they're happy having BroHo around, so they won't always be the opening band.

Somehow two masked hooligans got past Jeff working the door and roughed up Tel.


I think this is a split-second before he attacked me.

Verv and Phil see eye-to-eye.

I think this was Burn My Bridges.

Juyoung looks lost without her camera.

Time for beer. And Shellback.

Cliff does not want your applause.

Female Cliff.

This picture was taken 14 minutes after the previous one.

At the time I thought this was Sean meeting himself from the future. Now I suspect this can be explained by parallel universes.

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