Stadtische Erforschung

The satellite dish at Yonsei.

Inside an abandoned apartment with Sandra.

The other building had a big film crew out front.

Baby pictures.

Even weirder, a button with a baby picture.

We found one other calendar that was newer, and one that was much older.

Sandra spotted these raptors in the stairway. Clever girl.

"What's your star sign?" I read.

"Pisces," replied Sandra.

We had to abort a trip into this place due to old women.

I spotted this smokestack in the trees and we decided to get a closer look.

It was part of an uninteresting building, but we got to watch a Korean woman give a car a very sensual washing, while she squatted on the hood.

Next, we went to get our wheelchair licences.

Sandra thought this was a little too insensitive to Buddha, and refused to stick her face through.

Bubble guy.

Getting ready for the big birthday party.

Time to make some masks.

Our finished products.

I intended to get a picture of these funny two foreign twin boys, but everyone else got in the way.

We ate supper next to the police.

Sandra let her hair down.

After, I took her to a gisaeng restaurant for beer.

Gisaengs not included.

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