Cargo Terminal

Most of the calendars were from around early 2010.

The rooftop was flooded.


Any idea what this is?

It's some kind of signature machine.


Lots of plaques lying around.

Newspaper from January 1 2010. I think I actually remember this picture.

Tissue machine.

No 4.

All the doors for levels 3 and above were welded shut.

A miniature of some building.

This is probably the most boring and pointless information board I've ever seen, were it not for the colours.

Oh look, probably softcore porn.


Yet another miniature.

A closer look out the side, which still seems to be used for parking.

Messy blinds.

The basement was a bit more intense because I forgot my flashlight at home.

Good logo for a drycleaner, don't you think?

There was a sauna in there.

Kind of odd place how it was exposed to the outdoors.

Obviously the humidity took its toll on the walls.

Outside, a barrier was set up in front of the entrance.

Not a very architecturally outstanding building.

I guess it got the job done though.

No idea what these "camouflaged" things are.

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