Daegu show

At the train station, I got a tomato-and-carrot-flavoured doughnut from Dunkin Donuts, as per our terrible-doughnut-flavours-on-trains tradition. This one was panned by Cory and me, but Craig didn't mind it. To me, it tasted like a poorly made Paris Baguette pastry that's supposed to be pizza-flavoured. Couldn't taste the carrot.

Feild day!

We were supposed to meet at 12. We got tickets for a train leaving at 1:20. Sean was woken up at 12:50 by Seoyoung who rushed him to the station. Sean: "Time for breakfast."

Cory got soju just because it was in a juicebox. She got halfway through and gave the rest to Sean.

The train was very crowded.

We met Nicholas Cage on the train!

What's making Seoyoung cry?

On the subway in Daegu.

In front of Club Heavy.

This guy was in a Daegu band.

There's Mike from the Tremors.

The first band was Golden Ticket I think. They had a Mini-Trash.

Now it's time for Brothers of the Hole. Or it would have several hours earlier, before everyone was so drunk.

We needed to get Verv away from the venue, so we went for food.

Sean had way too much fun doing this.

After a few minutes, we realised that Nikolai was urinating.

Skip ahead, and we're on the train ride back.

Was he actually playing this game?

Verv began crawling away, exposing the barf spots he'd made. At least, I hope that's barf.

Not open 24 hours.

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