Rage Expo on Rapture Day

The first band was Sink to Rise.

Dooriban set up this huge slanted banner in the stairwell showing the timeline of the redevelopment of the area. Pictured is kind of the most dramatic period for them.

Next band: Vicious Bomb Juice. Also, could someone please get Never Daniel to quit blocking [b]all[/b] my shots?

I was worried when newly veganised Mike snatched away my Jack Bites. Turns out he just wanted to snap into them.

No Control.

War Path.

I was having problems with my flash, and Juyoung happened to be showing concern for me. I ended up with three interesting pictures of her.

I think this pulled my beating heart of my chest in a dream once.

And now normal Juyoung, and normal flash operation.

Vanessa, being new in Korea, is still seduced by the newfound pleasure of drinking outside.

Bamseom Pirates started, then had equipment problems. Somehow this was historically relevant enough to be videotaped. And photographed.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.

More equipment failures.

And time for Never Daniel to retake center stage.

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