Rage Expo Part 2

Next up: Sheback, with Jani replacing Cliff on vocals for pretty well an entire Shellback set.

I think Jani will like how this picture makes her look tall.

Jani attacks.

Hong Gu really wants you to try this new beer from Hite!

This would be a decent picture if it didn't look like Jani was wearing a tiny hat.

Most awkward Hong Gu picture ever.

When Cliff's leading Shellback, there are never any slow-dance songs.

This actually sort of does remind me of high school dances now.

"Why won't you slow dance with me?"

The pressure wears heavily on Jani.

Invisible guitar.

This is Cal Bones, which I'm told was just a temporary arrangement.

Yeah, because Hong Gu didn't have enough bands going.

Open wide for Christfuck.


Praying that the Rapture waits at least until after the set.

This is just a couple centimeters low of being the best picture of the night.

And this is a few milliseconds away from being runner-up.

At one point in the set, I got to try the mask on. Very sweaty.

Does this look like a choice to you?

So that's what he's got tucked away down there.

The pants proceed to rip further.

Next: the stage partially collapses.

Next: let's see what kind of underwear Never Daniel wears.

So cruel, but I guess as a Californian, Mike has the right to be racist against hipsters.

Not everyone stuck around after for Find the Spot, who I'd been expecting to be the hightlight of the show.

No more fucking masturbation!

The reason I posted this picture.

Drinking at Roots Time after.

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