Riding Across Town

I stopped by Dapsimni to check on Buddha.

Not much time left.

I'm going to start taking pictures of funny signs with names of my friends on them.

Click here for a panorama.

This area's slated for demo.

I probably shouldn't say whose name is here.

Don't you just hate how Koreans always carry dogs, rather than letting them walk on the ground?

Wait, what?

I finally found the abandoned area in Gireum everyone's been talking about.

Too late.

That apartment looks like it would provide a good view.

Well, it might also make you colourblind.

Click here for a panorama to see the view.

Another nearby abandoned neighbourhood I visited a little over a year ago with Morgan Tepsic, also mostly destroyed..

A very old apartment building, whose name I'm going to pretend is Ska-E Apart.

How'd my scooter get there?

Click here for a panorama of Ska-E.

Some 3D action.

Some sheets that I think explain how unsafe it is to live here.

Oh crap, that's where those dancing monstrosities hang out.

Ska-E from a distance.

A nice looking bunker I found nearby.

Some more 3D images. Cross your eyes or uncross them. You'll probably only be able to see one side or the other.

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