Bible Expo Picnic

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This is the Old Testament section, which I hadn't visited last time.

I don't really remember this from the Bible.

I do however remember this from the Book of Pinocchio.

The palace built of dishes has totally collapsed. Who thought this would be a good idea?

Click here for a panorama of the collapsed building.

Some of the casualties.

Decapitated cow.

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And now, the horrors of Hell.

The horrors of the age when the Bible was written.

Double aneurysm?

This guy seems to be doing pretty good for himself. Nice to see some positive role models in the Bible.

This looks like it's straight out of modern-day Dubai, although they'd probably keep the greenery away from all the slaves.

The Garden of Eden.

A picnic in the Garden of Eden

Yes, some apples would be nice.

The park was actually pretty crowded this least for Songdo.

Where makkoli comes from.

The Lord commanded Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Then, the Lord sent an angel to interrupt the sacrifice with the People's Elbow!

Some parts of the Bible have obviously been censored for reasons of taste, such as the one-armed gay sex scene.

And the Puerto Rican bestiality scene.

With all those lines, she looks like Emperor Palpatine's wife.

Fun with Crucifixion.

Moses parted the waters for us.

Moses should've been a cosmetic surgeon.


This is not what I picture when I think of Santa.

Santa's dead.

Click here for a panorama of Santa being killed by an even larger Santa.

What a lame religion. They don't even use cool words like "thou shalt." Also, notice it says "You shall not murder," so capital punishment and war are totally cool.

Now this is a religion that's got it going on. This statue was built on an actual solid rock base, and seems to have weathered the typhoon the best. Sign me up!

Though I hope this doesn't happen to my arms.

Checking for legs.

Forget religion--what we need is makkoli!

Cory about to get shanked.

Cory sitting next to one of Jesus' disciples, currently receiving a Christfuck.

Even Jesus loves whale sperm.

I would've thought the Noah's Ark of beer bottles was an even worse idea than the dish house, but the ark has stood the test of time far better.

Somebody went to the trouble to give these guys all manicures and pedicures.

The aftermath of one hell of a party.

Jesus has had enough.

Here's Gerber Baby Jesus.

Doing a bit of rearranging.

St John the Baptist was executed, right? Not...murdered? So, this gets the Christian seal of approval.

Religion in 3D!

Ride 'em Lordboy!

Click here for a panorama.

"The time layers of the City of Incheon." That includes the time before Bible Expo, and everything else.

Time for more subway sleeping.

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