Voyage to Okpo Land

On the train, we were stuck in the area between train cars.

We could see the park right from the bus stop.

The view from our motel window.

A helpful trick for keeping the air conditioning on while you go out.

We passed this temple on the way up.

And this relatively small church.

Practicing some ballet moves.

Sitting outside the front gate.


Now with more penises.

And arson damage.

At least the raspberries were good.

First stop was the Viking.

On the way down, we got a quick reminder that graffiti is stupid.

Everything is so much more overgrown.

This head is always in a different place each visit.

Click for a panorama of the harbour.

The vines made it tough to get onto some of the rides.

Tougher for Cory.

Sadly, this ride no longer revolves.

And someone thought it would be fun to remove all the seats.

Next: the pedal bikes.

Click for a panorama of the park.

Click for a panorama of Okpo City.

I found the remains of the mini locomotive.

We returned here when the lighting was better.

Oh, graffiti.

The merry-go-round has certainly seen better days.

This'll to teach you to walk around abandonments in bare feet.

The pool was flooded higher than last time.

Not this one.

Last visit, I pulled back a tarp to find these bumper cars. This time, they're all smashed.

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