Broke in Korea #12 release show

Where were all the girls like this back when I had my security blanket?

I iced Ryan again. I think he likes the free drinks.

Spiky Brats decided they wanted to be first.

I wonder what's behind that...

Oh, it's No Control.

Laura is my new favourite photographic model.

There's Matt from the Tremors.

Drinking buddies Matt and Ken had a falling-out, but tonight brought them back together.

Midnight Smokin Drive.

Hong Gu and the Flap. That sounds like an early-morning radio show.

Or maybe late night.

Jeff volunteered to work the bar for the night. Cliff was, I don't know, preparing to hang himself?

This was my first time seeing the Tremors.

The Swindlers signed on when this was an early-night show at Kuchu Camp, but they didn't respond when I asked them if they could play the late-night show, so I figured they weren't playing. They showed up anyway...first at Kuchu Camp and then here.

I managed to trick Jeff and Trash into not thinking they'd already been superhumanly generous enough, and the only way to make up for it was to throw together a quick ...Whatever That Means set.

Drunk photography.

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