...Whatever That Means CD Release

First I went to a practice space to see Verv's new band...which so far is BroHo with a girl. Looking for a new name.

After, we received blessings from Jesus and God courtesy of the Jesus God Bless You Woman. I haven't seen her in ages, and I figured she was gone for good. She used to be in Hongdae every Saturday sending us all blessings.

And here is the Crazy Park Girl, who at the moment was drinking slowly and having a very angry conversation with herself.

Here's the Crazy Park Craig, who's not quite a Hongdae legend yet, with his girlfriend Choey. Sorry, I refuse to call a girl "Choi" and pronounce it that way.

Over to Spot.

Vanessa had heard about a cannibal restaurant in Germany where apparently people can donate their flesh to be eaten by people. I asked the German girls if it was true, and then Eileen tried to take a bite out of me. Note: apparently it is somewhat true-ish. I heard they're opening up a branch in Seoul, right next to the Elephant Cafe.

Man were my eyes dilated.

The first band I saw was Nachopupa.

They told everyone to get down. Jinseok wasn't interested in that though.

Anyway, now here's Skasucks.

What shocked Youbin?

Changing a string.

I went outside for a bit.

Back inside for more Skasucks.

The stage was invaded.

This is going to be the picture I run of Hong Gu with his interview in the next Broke.


Every picture I got of Sean that night was gold.

Kiseok joined them for a song.

Yeji and her boyfriend. More on him soon...

And outside again.

Youbin's not going to like that.

George Clooney showed up.

And Lex.

Best Blink-182 shirt ever.

Yuzeen was on stage to film ...Whatever That Means.

Yet another award-winning Sean picture.

This is probably the least awesome Sean picture of the night.

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