The morning starts with the cats begging me not to go.

Or Millie wants to go with me.

Some highrises under construction along the train line.

On the way to the facility, we always pass this derelict construction site.

Another oddity we pass is this anomalous Canadian neighbourhood out in the boondocks of Cheonan. Get a look at it on Road View here.

In the lobby of the facility, they have this cleverly named conversation piece. I made sure I was able to photograph this; someone else got fired for photographing a prototype and putting it online.

A bunch of their faces are familiar to me.

A scale model of where we are.

Heading back to the train station.

Ominous clouds, another reason this region reminds me of Edmonton.

Anyway, then I stopped off in another town just for an abandoned factory.

The iris effect is just because I was peeking through a mesh fence.

Side gate.

Front gate, still manned.

You can just make out the name.



Lots of great safety posters in a different style than I'm used to. I wonder how they made the machines all angry.

This is pretty old school: it's hand-painted.

Safety check


I'm still working on my Korean, so forget this.

Hot tub.

I think this one is my favourite yet.

Anyway, next stop is back up in Gyunggido, where I visit a high-tech research institute, not pictured.

Ah, frog power.

This seems to be abandoned during conversation, quite a while ago.

The fence says yes but my work clothes say no.

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