Christfuck EP Release

These guys all wanted to pose with Changeun of Find the Spot.

Tel grabbed the microphone for a bit.


Now here's Vicious Nerds.

Since the last time I saw them, they added Changeun as singer.

Outside, my copy of the CD was pulled apart by excited Christfuck groupies.

And now, Christfuck.

A kick in the ass. Also, I notice that Jihoon's mom still writes Jihoon's name on all his clothes.

Guest vocals by Pyha of Bamseom Pirates. I just realised that this picture contains 100% of Bamseom Pirates.

I guess their crucifix budget isn't very big.

I'm not going to describe what's happening here.

A new Christfuck tattoo.

Dori looks like he's about to throw the wimpiest punch ever.

Changeun's turn, since he pretty well played with every other band tonight.

Tel is pretty good at squatting.

An intimate moment. I'm going to call it Christfuck-fuck.

At this point he was thrashing his head violently around.

And with that, the show was over, barely two hours after it began.

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