Grand Mart, which had been left abandoned for several years, is nearing completion.

An older, smaller factory, or I suspect mill.

Watch your step.

It was filled with orbs inside.

I ended up on the far side of the region, where there were more residential abandonments.

This one, not yet.

Very curious what this is.

This is what's coming soon.

Click for a panorama of the area.

This is the worst apartment name I've seen in a while. The original intent was Grand Prix-tel, which is bad enough, but whoever was in charge of putting this into English had no idea what it was supposed to be.

Random rooftop.

Looking toward Dorimchon I think.

One abandonment left in a moon village.

This isn't a bad apartment name, so much as a baffling one.

Looks a little the worse for wear.

But how many of you can say your home has its own rack?


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