Atlantis Sparkling

My first stop was under Seogang Bridge, where there's a well-protected (usually) storm drain opening. You can see the water level here is pretty high.

There's the opening. Compare with this, though note that we're standing a significant distance away from the opening.

I wasn't the only one there for a look.

I remember struggling to get up into there.

Venturing in as far as I could go.

Is there any other place in the world where rubber boots are a fashion item?

This is 1.6 kilometers upstream from Wonhyo Bridge. This particular leg of Yonggang Stream has proven very difficult to access. I've only successfully done it once.

Up here, the water level is only about a meter higher. Note the channels on the left that contain faster-flowing water.

The underside of Wonhyo.

Looking inside the tunnel. Remember, this is how high the ceiling is is. Thanks to Yangbantal for showing the scale so well.

This is how I got in.

Crossing Wonhyo Bridge.

Click for a panorama of the area.


This guy walked out just to have a look.

I wouldn't want to swim in that right now, not even if Jaeeun were there to jump in and rescue me.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees a big freaky face here.

Yeoui Park on the south side.

Floating restaurants.

63 Building.

The lightposts kind of give away where the shore normally is.

There's that cop car again.

Click for a panorama of the area.

Someone else who stopped for pictures.

A closer look at the floating restaurants.

Everyone was pretty casual about taking their small children right up to the edge of the water.

Standing in the water looking back.


Who's up for a swim?

Oh, that looks like fun.

It was.

It's supposed to be a dinosaur, but I think it looks more like a beached whale's skeleton.

Wandering out into the water.

I went in a bit too deep.

Swinging in the rain.

The cropped version.

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