Gwangju and Hapjeong

Old stairs in a half-abandoned building.

Abandoned market.

Non-abandoned market.

If you run this red light, you will burst into flames.

An abandoned bass in Hapjeong.

The seat of an abandoned scooter.

The dashboard.

We went inside.

They had a collection of hahoe masks, complete with the names of each one. I think this one is the fool, the last one ever designed.

Old woman.

Young woman.


No clue.


Abandoned pictures, many torn up.

Abandoned dog.

Abandoned fan, of which I hear Tyler has many.

Mmm, toothbrush.

A hole for the blankets.

Tyler just has some business to take care of.

Anyone know where this is?

That's a little too nice to be left behind.

The colours just get tackier and tackier.

It could rain any minute (it did several hours later).

Silladang looks to me like a Billabong ripoff. Surprised I noticed before Mr Fashion Industry.

This bulldozer has been left sitting here since before the floods.

The giant wine bottle.

Must be for an automatic door system.

Follow the tube.

We went to Mick Jones Pizza to do eat some New York style pizza.

I met up with Andre that night before he leaves Korea.

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