Rock N Roll Sweatshop

First, a nice flower in my driveway.

On the way to the factory.

Cubby holes.

There were tons of guitar bodies sliced up.

This is probably what did it.

The main room was slightly flooded in parts.

Protest signs.

Eyewear and Hitler hear mandatory.

Up a floor.


Old phone.

I guess you aren't supposed to ride the cargo elevator, or you'll get scared.

Looks like someone's used the squatter recently.

Conveyor belt at the top floor.

Watch your ass.

Most of the interior was like this.

This way out.
Looking out the window at the back of the factory.

Men's room.

Main floor.

This would've been an interesting show.

More protest guitars.

Meanwhile, over in the executive offices.

This was in a terribly exposed place and I thought I could hear someone right outside the window.

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Copyright Jon Dunbar 2011