Eulwangri Beach

The Incheon equivalent of "Baby on Board."

The tide was out when we arrived, so we had to walk about 300 meters just to reach the water.

Nice sand castle.

Everyone's dressed for the beach.

We had noodles and makkoli for lunch.

Tons of fireworks for sale here.

This route seems to indicate we should turn right and go into the water.

Later in the day, after we're finished swimming.

Sandra defends herself from an ajumma.

Yeah, nice picture-taking there.

Us buying more to drink.

Sandra bought this blanket, and I bought some cheap peach-flavoured sparkling wine.

Sandra rescued this ball from inside a Korean barbecue.

Not sure what I'm pointing at.

The Sun's almost down.

I can't resist Sandra's wounded deer look.

All this sand makes me shudder.

One last meal before we head home.

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