Rux's Final Show

And there's Dori of course. He's contractually obligated to appear in at least 50% of my photos.

Dori got up on stage to do some stage-diving, still wearing his backpack (which looks full enough I suspect he's carrying a copy of Seoul's Yellow Pages). He looks out over all the guys waiting to catch him, then tilts his head to the right a bit toward the small girls not really paying him any attention. He takes a leap, and...

Jonghee made everyone crouch down.

Even he did, to be fair.

Their guitarist goes AWOL.

Took me a while to figure out all the limbs in this photo.

I'm pretty sure two of these limbs belong to Jonghee.


A little more accidental forced perspective.

The guy from Crying Nut joined them on stage for the last song. As did several random guys.

Something bad will happen to me for this picture, I'm sure. More forced perspective, at least if I remember correctly.

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