Sangsang Madang

My tour began on the rooftop.

There's the university.

Seventh floor cafe.

Emergency exit.

I forget what floor this was. Four or five, where they have seminar rooms.

Okay, this is probably four, and the previous one was five.

I ran back up to seven as soon as I realised each floor had these figures.

This I think was on three.

Here's one picture that made it into my article.

This one also made it in.

But a zoomed-out view of the previous one didn't make it in. You can still faintly see that each pixel is a picture of her.

The shop on the main floor.

The gymnast hanging in the pit. Never realised how filthy he was underneath. Reminds me of what happened to Jumbo 747's hull.

The lobby of the cinema.

Presumably, these are filmmakers competing in the film festival.

The audience.

I ended up outside to take exteriors, but it was the wrong time of day.

Driving by on Saturday afternoon, it was a better time of day, so I got this for the article.

I couldn't get onto any good rooftops though. This one was taken through a filthy stairwell window across the street.

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