Sick of It All

I found this on the washroom door at a bar where I met Jesse. So, oral sex is okay, as long as there are no injuries?

Out front at SSMD.

And there's Jesse with his orange juice.

His new signature pose.

I can't let him wear that shirt at my place, because seeing it would make both my cats regrow their reproductive organs.

There's Stephen Epstein, hard at work in something related to his next documentary.

They get one of these mascots too.

The first band was Burn My Bridges, but my photos of them were terrible. Here's Johnny Royal, for whom I didn't do much better a job.

I had to go black-and-white on some pictures.

Trash is looking forward to moving to the US so she can see a few matches at a dog-fighting ring. That's what this shirt is for, right?

This picture looks better when it's shrunk down to's standard size.

Time for the Geeks.

I didn't have enough time to convert my settings using the flash, so I just shot hoping the spotlight would be enough.

Waiting for Sick of It All to come out.

There's the guitarist and Tim Tangherlini standing close together, which explains that one quote I got.

At some point I snuck up one floor to the backstage area so I could watch them from above.

After the show with the bassist, who I interviewed.

I think this is actually Saturday night at Spot.

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