MR27 Reunion

There's Jesse waiting for me and trying to talk Vanessa out of adopting a kitten.

Those collars are definitely not justifiable.

Kids on the playground equipment.

The crazy park girl's dog made a friend.

Jesse battles the crane machine.


Goyang wants chocolate.

The first band was Billy Carter. They were amazing, but I only got one passable photo.

The second band was The Essence, a pretty decent power-pop band.

Next was Find the Spot.

There it is, I found the spot! Several of them, in fact!

Stephen Epstein took control of the camera.

Next, MR27.

I made ample use of the bright light from the documentary camera.

Burke always tortures someone for one song by making them do the bongos.

It's not as bad as what he does for "Girls Love Elvis."

They set up to interview some incoherent drunk.

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