This is near the infall. It's a bit nicer than most storm drain entrances, having once been a garden for Okin Apartments.

Coming down.

We couldn't get in this way because of this scummy pond, just a bit too deep for our boots.

Rickety ladder it is.

Inside a manhole chamber.

Another break.

An interesting drain, going from a reinforced concrete box to a corregated metal pipe, all with this track in the middle. The side trenches carry most of the water, leaving us relatively dry in the middle, as well as bug-free.

We had to stop for breaks pretty regularly. The next part was even smaller, but not as small as this picture makes it look, probably about 5' tall.

We made it here and were disappointed we'd only gone 360 meters. It turns out that we'd taken at least 200 meters getting down to the start of this part anyway, so we in reality went closer to 600 meters. Still, probably less than halfway.

The opening looked like the Garden of Eden after an hour and a bit down there.

Trekking through the former location of Okin Apartments.

The forecast called for rain, but all we got was mist.

Heading off on the subway, in search of adventure.

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