Darge at Badabie

First band was Scumraid.

This is the one band of the night I'm pretty well guaranteed to have the best pictures of.

I only got one picture of Terrormight, but it was a good group shot.

For Find the Spot, I didn't even have to come into the room before I found the spot. There it is.

Despite the fact I'd already found the spot, they still insisted on playing.

Next was Gukdo, the first time I'd seen them since their resurrection.

Every once in a while my camera heavily fogged up. Someone send this to Penthouse!

The last opener was Sad Legend, who were a very good metal band.

Someone photoshop a guitar into Craig's hands.

Apparently there were seven moustaches, one for every day of the week.

Darge's turn.

The mask comes off, and he's got one more black eye since yesterday.

Flash interaction!

The lead singer of Scumraid joined them.

Everyone got together for a group photo after.

And a Penthouse shoot.

Scumraid group shot.

With Darge and a bit of Sunwoon added.

Time for a lapful of Dori.

Okay, get those two out of there.

Time to pass out.

Now time for non-vegetarian food.

Who ordered the sacrificial lamb?

Apparently you're only supposed to eat its face.

Not raw of course.

The metal table.

I didn't even know this restaurant had a second floor.

Dont' do it!

Kind of a funny thing to find on the bottom of a lid. Also, that's not scissors, but gun.

Everyone signed the drum, mostly with sexual organs.

I will never look at Juyoung the same way again.

Me with Germans.

This guy was hitting on her the whole night.

That looks like Sean, but...a nerd.

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