On the way through Suwon, I met up with these two scooterists on the left. The guy with his shirt in English noticed I didn't have riding gloves, so he stopped at a red light and pulled out an extra pair, and gave them to me free of charge. They were on their way to the World Cup Stadium to support the Blue Wings.

A familiar sight, Ajou University.

The hospital is being reconstructed.

Beware: construction workers can kill you with one finger.

I got lost around here somewhere, I believe due to the typo. I think the art museum name is poorly spelled as well.

Climbing through the brush with Leah.

Oh look, an abandoned factory.

Warning: forklift operators do not give a fuck if you have children.

Beware of doppelgangers.

Door to nowhere.

A subtle suggestion for Leah to turn down the heavy metal late at night.

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