Chuncheon Dakgalbi

Before we left Seoul, I discovered the Family Mart had Chuncheon dakgalbi kimpop triangles. Looks like we don't need to go to Chuncheon after all!

We did anyway. This is a little bit higher quality than what Family Mart serves.

Here's the entrance to Dakgalbi Street.

The gang's all here.

This is the alley where dakgalbi was originally conceived.

A good place for chickenlovers to check out.

The restaurant we went to.

Everything gets dumped onto the big iron pan in the middle of the table.

A great deal of time is spent watching it cook and salivating.

Revenge shot!

We paid a bit extra to add udon noodles, which soaked up the remaining sauces.

Phil's on TV!

Dori shakes up the soju.

Curtis knows how to pour soju like a civilised person.

Phil just wings it.

We talked to the owner, Kim Hee-jeong.

Doesn't Verv just look devious here?

Curtis teaches us a drinking game involving the little metal bit hanging off the bottlecap.

Verv's attempt is a little more animated.

Cameras set up to record the cooking of the second batch.

That boom mike reminds me of Millie.

The owner's son Daniel spoke English well, and told us he doesn't like dakgalbi. The owner explained his tastebuds are too young for the spiciness. His favourite food is McDonald's.

Maybe he's not totally repulsed by his mom's cooking.

At this point it was hard to stuff myself anymore.

Daniel is succeeding at what appears to be London now.

Something about my brain.

A map of the alley.

Curtis messes up a perfectly mediocre Dori picture.


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