Hanu Festival

This way!

We were all very enthusiastic to see an authentic Winnebago out here.

From up here we could see all these tents, but no way to get down.

Made it.

Looks like Hanu dumplings.



This river ran through the area.

The lineup for hamburgers was huge.

This was the first thing close to a real cow we saw.

Of course Dori had to ride it.

The balloon police.

Across the river was a small exhibition of a Hanu pasture.

Those look like fun. I wonder which of my friends I can ask to try it out.

Hanu bulgogi.


Coming out.

Phil's first.

Getting his water legs.

Next is Dori.

Phil is trying to intimidate the newcomer.

Now fight!

The winner: everybody watching.

Can he stand up?


Game over.

This collection of Dori's boots and a lot of kids' shoes tells you a lot about these guys.


There was a parade of special bipedal Hanu.

Good old normal Hanu.

Too bad we didn't have time for this.

A map.

But all we looked at were these dragonflies. The male (I presume the one at the bottom) would probably be proud to know all of us were watching so appreciatively.

Can you guess what this controls?


Dori goes down.

Phil made it the longest.

Dori wants to ride these cows.

Wonder Cow.


Real bulls.

We're going to get a demonstration of an ox-drawn plough.

Verv is the ox.

A glass of makgeolli for his efforts.

Schoolkids from New Zealand.

Most ironic shirt ever.

Deep water? I doubt it.

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