Jongjae Jongtaek

Angie tried to teach us go-stop, or Hwatu.

In the morning.

This furnace is used to heat the floors in the building.

Traditional Korean solar panels?

This little truck turned out to be a fertiliser sprayer.

Closeup of the sprayer part.

The owner offered to show us around his orchard.

This dog wasn't happy to see us.

This one was terrified.

They also grow soy.

Damage from birds. The owner said they lose a fairly large amount of apples to birds, but he doesn't mind.

Careful where you whiz.

This dragonfly became Phil's friend.

They were picking leaves to allow more direct sunlight on the apples.

This dog was so happy to see us, she peed everywhere.

Impromptu group photo.

Seeing us off.

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