This cat was spying on me.

Not too long abandoned.

Whoever lived here must've had rock-hard abs.

I wasn't so well hidden in here.

Standing up straight.

An active shop.

All the abandoned homes were marked with an X.

Hands off.

An oven mitt, but they didn't even have an oven.

A shirtless Korean guy, something you don't see often.

They must've had a bedwetter here.

Looks like someone took an axe to this thing.

Or scythe?

This home was genuinely scary.

It's not just because I'm afraid of squatters.

Oh, there's the source of the evil.

My parents just got a new washing machine. If only they'd been a bit more patient.

This home used some surprising old Confucianist architecture. This is the sarangchae, just like the jongtaek we stayed at.

The kitchen, inside the anchae.

Various playing cards.


I didn't notice the stained glass at the time.

Drawing on the wall.


Why don't I ever run into female scooter gangs?

Height measurements.

Hello Kitty chair.

I don't think this worked.

This worked; you can't even tell I used stitching tools.

That tree's being a bit pushy with its neighbours.

One woman.

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