Spot Halloween Show

Sandra went as an Austrian.

Some fucking hipster.

And a really violent skinhead.

Goyang's costume was just her, covered in blood.

More blood.

Daesoop's costume was a pumpkin hat.

I didn't ever actually figure out what costume the guys in gas masks and the respirator had.

Vanessa's costume was just hentai.

This skinhead roughed up this missionary a bit.

We called a professional to deal with him.

Oh crap, once they know you won't chase them away, they call for reinforcements.

I asked Yeji if her costume was white trash. She said she's a pinup.

Dammit, they're multiplying! They breed faster than hipsters.

Kiseok didn't wear a clever costume, but he enjoyed ours.

Zombie Leela.

Captain Bootbois

The closest thing to a costume in the band.

This year, everyone went as cowboys and indians.

Though I'd like to know where he got that one. Also, check the sky for falling plane parts.

A black ghost.


More Germans.

Burning Hepburn probably had the best costumes collectively.

Raphael was insulted I didn't get her costume at first.

Matt decided to change his ways and become a nun.

Bartenders hard at work during free cocktail hour.

The Flap needed a pre-show nap.

Midnight Smokin' Drive.

Well, Flap's awake.

Sunwoon proceeds to get even more sussed.

I never actually found out who this was.

Black Leather Lagoon.

Probably his most horizontal show.

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