Here's part of the rocky face of Inwangsan.

I can see my office from here.

Our group.

Looking toward Bukaksan.

Unfortunately this mountain was BYOM -- Bring Your Own Makgeolli.

Looking north into Buam-dong.

Apparently we weren't supposed to take pictures of Cheong Wa Dae, though it's worth noting that the whole area is clearly visible on foreign map programs.

Now we're looking down on Hongje area, which screws with my sense of geography. In the spring when I took this panorama of Hongje area, I had no idea I was looking at Inwangsan (middle).

Still no photos. That didn't stop us, or get a reaction from the cops watching us.

There's construction at the peak for a rail line for this mini train that will run supplies to the top.

That's the high peak of the whole mountain.

It totally looks like that guy's doing something wrong.

On top of the rock.

That little patch of dirt in the lower left, which the woman in grey seems to be pointing at, is the former location of the Okin Apartments.

Heading down.

This is what they're building.

I have more pictures of this guy dying than I thought possible. Why do construction companies keep hiring him?

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