Namyangju KOFIC Studio

Phil's a naughty boy.

Dammit Phil, get back to South Korea!

Would you take these guards seriously?

Phil certainly didn't.

This movie was shot in the next area.

Phil's trying to figure out why I'm wearing a flower.

This is what we do to people who make fun of the poppy.

A further back look at Panmunjeom.

Train cars.

A further back look at the old village.

Information about JSA the film.

We went to a restaurant where this cat was our waiter.

Love the decor.

Each table had a hwatu card.

This moth landed on our dongdongju kettle, and wouldn't leave. Quickly we realised it was drunk.

The moth turned out to be a makgeolli fiend. It finally got off the kettle when I splashed some mak on its back, which you can still see here. We also splashed a bit on the table, and the moth stuck its proboscis in to drink it all up.

That's actually pretty impressive. The white glob is a piece of food Phil offered, but it wasn't in the mood for anju.

We waited forever to get back to Seoul.

We got a salad for free at Reggae Chicken.

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