Alice Park

The ticket booth was manned only by one card, and it wasn't even a face card.

And the six of clubs.

Here's a map so you can see what's there.

A shoe. Was this in Alice in Wonderland?

I wasn't going to go any farther, until I saw the white rabbit.

Look out for that cheshire cat, rabbit.

Another non-white rabbit, which I didn't follow.

Now watch out for the Japanese pornography. How has this rabbit stayed alive so long?

Maybe he knows.

I didn't know you could get this stuff in Korea.

I'm not much of a biologist, but that's not a hedgehog.

And that's not the nine of diamonds.

I surprised someone inside this room.

There's the hedgehog.

The six of clubs ushered me out.

What kind of card is this?

This was at the main park entrance.

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