This looks safe.

Abandoned restaurant.

There was lots of good scenery in the area.

We walked out onto the bridge, because I know I'd previously spotted the ferris wheel from here on Daum.

Art school, not abandoned.

Australian statue.

According to Paul, this is a small version of the Pohang Hands of Harmy sculpture, with flags added for no reason.

Walking through the grounds of a former (not abandoned) amusement park.

As best we could tell, this was supposed to be a disease.

Original park map.

The sign out front.

We decided to check out the interior of the ship restaurant.

Any idea what this is? We found it outside a market.

Abandoned hotel in Daejeon.

Hanbit-tap overlooking the Daejeong '93 Expo grounds.

The so-called Sand Crawler.

Control room.

The interior was covered in murals like this.

This was a really huge room that was pitch black.


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