Marine Land

This building dominates the amusement park.

Even the washrooms in the area carry memorabilia for the park--such as this garbage can for used toilet paper.

The front gate. That's not a typo; part of the R peeled off.

As seen from a nearby rooftop.

See it in panorama.

At first I thought this woman had a dog face, seeing something looking like a dog's mouth on the left side of her head. A fishy Cerberus for this purgatory.

The roof of the big theme building.

A closer look. Earlier this year it was totally outfitted with rides, but those must all have been portable, and with their departure left the last vestiges of joy in this New Town project.

More rooftop detail.

Looking out the window.

The hallway inside the building.

This was on the floor.


This parking garage looked like it was in bad shape.

The front entrance.


One of the many denizens.

Not sure what a dog's doing in a marine-themed park.

This sign actually looks familiar.

Pregnant women are not allowed here, because life cannot be created within Wolgot New Town.

I needed to renew my driver's licence anyway.

Good thing Disney isn't a particularly litigious company.

1. Stop 2. Summon Cerberus, guardian of the Underworld. 3. Heil Hitler 4. Make sure the driver is also a Neo-Nazi. 5. Proceed safely.

Even Neo-Nazis aren't immune from traffic accidents.

Having a drink of water.

Inspecting the waterslide. That dark patch is a flooded recess. Not safe to walk on.

Hyundai bricks?

Another fountain.

This looks familiar too, but spelled properly.

We really couldn't figure out why she was in that box.

Our first glimpse of the area was from beyond that station.

It's a long way down.

Paul thinks that's some kind of walrus building.

See it in panorama.

We had a couple drinks here on the corner of oblivion and purgatory.

Oido, the official skinhead train station of Korea.

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