New Year's Show

Nikolai didn't want to pay to get in, and we're not sure if he ever did. He thinks he might have but forgot. He stayed outside a while waiting for more East Europeans and helping everyone to understand they have to pay 15 000 won cover--despite the fact he was the one who had trouble understanding the concept.

I only got a few pictures of All Kids Make Mistakes due to condensation on my lens.

Enter Pornotarium.

Captain Bootbois

Chanter's Alley

I can't tell what Phil is thinking. If I were in the band and I saw someone with that expression, I'd be very worried.

Jason didn't seem to mind the fact he was bleeding.

Pretty sure this is Cunttlefish.

Daesoop was proud of his hairstyle. I have a feeling his parents weren't.

Goyang joins Attacking Forces for a song.

The girl on the left hopped on stage and kind of gave herself a tour, clearly making the band uncomfortable.


Kong Jin has complained a lot about how she looks in my pictures, despite the fact she never really looks much different from this on stage. I wonder if she will this time.

Enough of the crowd stuck around much longer than we were expecting.

Looks like a lot of new graffiti that was probably made this night.

Dokkaebi Assault


This would make a great new side project for members of Dokkaebi Assault and Chadburger.

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