Nail House

Leaving work, I saw this cat on our parking garage.

This nail house sits in the middle of a completely razed construction zone. The next few pictures will demonstrate the conditions the remaining residents live in.

I went up a nearby rooftop for a better view. First, the sunset.

Below it, this is Ahyeon-dong, which I visited years ago several times.

Now, back to the nail house. They have to come up the road from the bottom, which goes past several other nail houses before winding around to the upper-left middle, where you can see a house just barely separated from the still active neighbourhood.

Some active, some abandoned.

This school is now perched on the ledge.

Looking out the other side.

The future.

Click on the panorama for a larger version.

I wouldn't want to live up there.

Some of the more active areas.

This ramp is for construction access, and serves to isolate the nail houses from the neighbourhood behind them.

My computer was too low on ram to make panoramas with the full images, so this was done with shrunken images, hence the low quality.

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