Abandoned Ski Resort

At the train station, they were selling American style hot dogs with corn.

The way up was a three-dimensional maze of tunnels and bridges and chicken farms.

A familiar former attraction in the area.

The mountains were misted by low clouds, but it isn't quite so captivating on camera.

Leave it to Korea to have a Seoul resort outside of Seoul.

At first I told myself I'd only climb to the top so I could get pictures of the surrounding area.

Then I saw how dead it was up here and went up anyway.

The ski slope.

This tent had been set up probably for workers, but it wasn't holding up anymore.

The demo equipment was in rough shape.

Unfortunately the lifts had been disassembled.

Abandoned microphone.

This seemed like a pretty substantial find. Other than the windshield it looks to be in decent shape.

Gotta be careful of rotting wood here.

The inside of the one remaining building was surprising.

The sheer amount of ski equipment left behind was staggering.

The shelves were all crooked with weight and age.

This hat was in remarkably good condition.

There were thousands of books filled with these cards.

There were banners up for 2004/2005 but I found documents dated as late as 2006.

As I was getting ready to go, the rain mostly stopped.

The wood was rotted through.

I didn't walk on that.

I had a lot of fun with the snow machines.

Back down the way I came, I saw a blue truck that hadn't been there before. There was an old man and a dog inside the parking garage. They saw me, but the old man probably just figured I'd come down from the hiking paths high up in the mountain and pointed me toward the exit.

Back in Yongsan.

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